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CULVConsumer Ultra Low Voltage (Intel)
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The CULV platform announced by Intel at the end of the first quarter has caught the attention of the industry.
Asustek's CULV platform-based laptop is built with Intel Corp.
Both said they will see monthly shipments of CULV NBs exceed Netbooks in the second half of this year, which will help stop the fall in average selling prices (ASP) for NBs domestically.
Consequently, the increasingly economical prices have prompted consumers to buy traditional, functionally complete notebook PCs instead of netbook PCs and CULV laptops.
8-pound U1 runs Windows 7 on an Intel Core 2 Duo CULV processor and, reportedly, a 128GB solid-state drive.
Acer America also said that it has added options to its entire Timeline range with the inclusion of Windows 7 and additional Intel CULV dual core processors.
Being based on the Intel CULV platform provides for a battery life of over 5 hours as well, it not only boasts increased endurance over conventional notebooks but is also more portable and delivers higher performance.
8mm and weight only 290g in the lightest model, an ideal choice to go with CULV processor.
Due to power-efficiency ULV platform, balance-price and ultra-thin, CULV NB will bring more possibility at mainstream system price points.
Acer Timeline CULV NB Series Let Users Always Updated With World News -
The base features a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and an Intel CULV processor.
22, 2010 (CENS) -- With laptops with different specifications becoming popular with consumers, Taiwanese telecom companies have decided to increase procurements of notebook PCs, netbook PCs and laptops based on CULV (consumer ultra low voltage) platform for sale in 2010 on the island, according to industry sources.