CUMICommittee for the Upliftment of the Mentally Ill (Montego Bay, Jamaica)
CUMICredit Union Microfinance Innovation (various locations)
CUMIConfederazione Unitaria Medici Italiani (Italian: United Confederation of Italian Doctors)
CUMICredit Unions of Michigan on the Internet (online resource)
CUMIControlled Unclassified Military Information (national defense)
CUMICarborundrum Universal Madras India
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Given the lawsuit originally claimed more than $7 million in losses, we believe the settlement was an appropriate resolution to this matter," CUMIS said in a prepared statement.
Desjardins Group and a partnership comprised of Canada's five provincial credit union centrals (the Centrals) and The CUMIS Group have entered into a definitive agreement to merge the businesses of their subsidiaries, Credential Financial Inc.
Cumis asserted that coverage for Raguz had terminated before the inception of the 2010 Bond because board member Robert Calevich had known -- before February 2010 -- that Raguz had committed dishonest acts by repeatedly failing to disclose reportable delinquencies to the board and the NCUA.
The fact that participants included in the analysis were merely the people who got actively engaged in the Second CUMIS and that the most of them worked in agriculture might represent a selection bias that prevents from establishing the prevalence of physical activity and potential associated factors.
El CUMIS de SCSF se presenta como una oportunidad para incentivar la responsabilidad social en los estudiantes del area de salud, quienes participan en la planificacion y ejecucion de intervenciones de prevencion y promocion de la salud en las comunidades visitadas.
The Signal court agreed and confirmed that the test is what is "reasonable" in the particular lawsuit: "Having accepted that multiple attorneys may serve as Cumis counsel, there does not appear to be any principled grounds for requiring as a matter of law that all of those attorneys need to be employed at the same law firm.
Cumis said that Judy had paid $1,036 on her total judgment of $588,582 as of April 21.
His client, Joyce Judy, has been ordered to repay $507,556 to Cumis Insurance Society Inc.
The rating actions reflect the closure of the acquisition of ProAg by CUNA Mutual Investment Corp (CMIC), a direct subsidiary of CUNA Mutual Insurance Society, and the explicit support afforded by a quota share reinsurance agreement with ProAg's affiliate, CUMIS Insurance Society, AM Best explained.
Previously, he was the actuary at CUMIS Insurance Society and an actuarial student at Aetna Insurance Co.