CUMICredit Union Microfinance Innovation (various locations)
CUMIConfederazione Unitaria Medici Italiani (Italian: United Confederation of Italian Doctors)
CUMICredit Unions of Michigan on the Internet (online resource)
CUMIControlled Unclassified Military Information (national defense)
CUMICarborundrum Universal Madras India
CUMICommittee for the Upliftment of the Mentally Ill (Montego Bay, Jamaica)
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CUMI's China operations became a 100% subsidiary of CUMI in 2009-10.
CUMIS is wholly owned by CUNA Mutual Investment Corporation, who in turn is wholly owned by the CUNA Mutual Insurance Society (CUNA Mutual).
Cumis said that Judy had paid $1,036 on her total judgment of $588,582 as of April 21.
The ratings for CUMIS recognize its supportive level of risk-adjusted capitalization, conservative balance sheet, overall operating profitability and well-established niche position in the credit union and multi-peril crop insurance segments.
His client, Joyce Judy, has been ordered to repay $507,556 to Cumis Insurance Society Inc.
Property and casualty insurance products are issued by CUMIS Insurance Society, Inc.
A plea deal requires Perkins to pay $186,067 in restitution to CUMIS Insurance Society Inc.
Best has affirmed the FSR of A (Excellent) and ICR of "a" of CUMIS Insurance Society, Inc.
A long-time employee of the $146 million Priority One Credit Union allegedly stole more than $1 million, according to a legal complaint filed by the CUMIS Insurance Society against the credit union's former accounting firm.
Furious bosses of millionaire DJs Gregg Hughes and Anthony Cumis decided they had gone too far after Loretta Harper, 35, and Brian Florence, 37, were caught making love in the lobby of New York's St Patrick's Cathedral - in front of a microphone.
However, the recent acquisition of the CUMIS group should continue to bolster its presence in the credit union marketplace.
Curtis was ordered to pay $555,571 to Cumis Insurance Society, which covers PCFCU, and to self-surrender by July 7, 2014, to the Bureau of Prisons or U.