CUMSCanadian University Music Society (aka Société de Musique des Universités Canadienne)
CUMSCambridge University Music Society
CUMSChronic Ultra Mild Stress
CUMSCredit Union Mortgage Service (New Mexico)
CUMSChiba University Medical School (Japan)
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After 4 w exposure of CUMS, the expressions of BDNF (Figure 3(a)) and p-TrkB (Figure 3(b)) protein in the hippocampus were significantly decreased in the hippocampus of rats.
2]S exerts an anxiolytic-like activity in CUMS rats, rats were subjected to the EPM test.
Considering that CUMS is well established to cause depressive- and anxiety-like behaviors, it would be important to verify the ability of [H.
Meanwhile, our data are consistent with previously reported data that CUMS decreases BDNF levels in the hippocampus [34].
Rats were exposed to CUMS for 2 wand then cotreated with NaHS (0.