CUMTChina University of Mining and Technology
CUMTComunidade Urbana do Médio Tejo (Portugal)
CUMTColumbia University Mock Trial (New York)
CUMTCardiff University Mountain Bike Club
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We performed LDA for two-group classification problems such as CMP + CMT versus CMP + CUMT, CUMP + CMT versus CUMP + CUMT, RMP + RMT versus RMP + RUMT, and RUMP + RMT versus RUMP versus RUMT.
CMT and CUMP showed distinctive peaks at 747 cm [sup]−1 and 1179 cm [sup]−1, respectively, while CMT and CUMT showed peaks at 1508 cm [sup]−1.
Six groups (CMP, CUMP, CMT, CUMT, CMP + CMT, and CMP + CUMT) were distinctly classified, while the boundary between the CUMP + CMT group and CUMP + CUMT group was ambiguous.