CUPA-HRCollege and University Professional Association for Human Resources
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About 16 percent of top administrators also are eligible for private sector-style bonuses and other financial incentives, CUPA-HR reports.
We all know that the economy has had a dramatic impact on higher education and the higher education workforce, but to see that a third of faculty in the survey have experienced salary reductions this year is very troubling," said CUPA-HR President and CEO Andy Brantley in a March 2010 press release.
If CUPA-HR puts its newsletter online, Rothstein says she anticipates a negative impact on the association's ability to generate classified advertising in its printed newsletter, currently a significant revenue source.
Preferred provider organizations (PPOs)--in place at 84 percent of colleges and universities--continue to be the most popular choice, according to a CUPA-HR survey.
Andy Brantley, president and CEO of CUPA-HR, says, "Were very pleased that public institutions are making salary increases more of a priority as they have found additional budget dollars.
CUPA-HR survey on employee health benefits in higher ed, www.
Faculty and staff salaries and benefits are the largest driver of what it costs to run an institution, says Andy Brantley, president of CUPA-HR.
Hence, when CUPA-HR put together its 2013 "Employee Health Benefits in Higher Education Survey," the Act got its own section.