CUPA-HRCollege and University Professional Association for Human Resources
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During this panel at the CUPA-HR Annual Conference and Expo, Chad Whittenberg, senior director of Product Management for Equifax Workforce Solutions, and a panel of HR professionals and industry insiders will discuss the most common I-9 and E-Verify completion mistakes and how organizations can avoid such costly gaffes, in both dollars and company resources.
About 16 percent of top administrators also are eligible for private sector-style bonuses and other financial incentives, CUPA-HR reports.
If CUPA-HR puts its newsletter online, Rothstein says she anticipates a negative impact on the association's ability to generate classified advertising in its printed newsletter, currently a significant revenue source.
SOURCE: CUPA-HR, "2013-14 Administrators in Higher Education Salary Survey, 2014
Exhibiting at the CUPA-HR Conference & Exposition gives the WorkForce Software team the opportunity to speak with professionals in the higher education industry, learn about their needs, and demonstrate the benefits of EmpCenter for Higher Education.
A Portrait of Part-time Faculty Members, "Coalition on the Academic Workforce, 2012; "Employee Health Benefits in Higher Education Survey," CUPA-HR, 2013 Note: Table made from bar graph.
And, says Brantley of CUPA-HR, "Whatever the source of funds, the increased costs must be absorbed somewhere.
a leader in workforce management solutions, will highlight best practice trends in workforce management at the CUPA-HR National Conference and Expo, October 12 - 14, 2008, at Hyatt Regency St.
Hence, when CUPA-HR put together its 2013 "Employee Health Benefits in Higher Education Survey," the Act got its own section.
have been awarded complimentary CUPA-HR membership dues for 2007-08, courtesy of Datatel.
For many higher education executives, the benefits received beyond the base salary are important elements of total compensation," says CUPA-HR President and CEO Bandy Brantley.
The CAC builds and strengthens partnerships between CUPA-HR and corporate businesses.