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CUPLCornell University Programming Language
CUPLChina University of Politics and Law (Beijing, China)
CUPLComprehensive Upgradation Priority List (India)
CUPLCommittee on Unauthorized Practice of Law (Washington, DC)
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In a related announcement, Atmel and Protel International said yesterday that they are planning to enhance the capabilities of CUPL and integrate it fully into Atmel's ProChip Designer(TM).
The CUPL fitter provides designers an inexpensive, effective HDL-based design path for the Xilinx XC7000 family of EPLDs.
With the CUPL fitter now incorporated into the Logical Devices tool, designers can immediately implement designs using high performance Xilinx EPLDs.
CUPL HDL gives designers the ability to take full advantage of the Xilinx EPLD architectures while making it easier and quicker to implement designs," said Jeff Williams, CUPL product manager at Logical Devices.
Using the industry standard CUPL design language, designers can perform design entry, logic synthesis and functional simulation.