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CUPLCornell University Programming Language
CUPLChina University of Politics and Law (Beijing, China)
CUPLComprehensive Upgradation Priority List (India)
CUPLCommittee on Unauthorized Practice of Law (Washington, DC)
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In a related announcement, Atmel and Protel International said yesterday that they are planning to enhance the capabilities of CUPL and integrate it fully into Atmel's ProChip Designer(TM).
ProChip Designer features a full palette of design entry options, including Integrated Protel Schematic Capture, VHDL or CUPL text design entry, Accolade PeakFPGA(TM) Synthesis and the full version of Accolade PeakFPGA Simulation.
Monday announced a fully integrated CUPL fitter for the Xilinx XC7000 family of erasable programmable logic devices (EPLDs).