CUPPSCommon Use Passenger Processing Systems (air travel)
CUPPSCannot Use Paper, Plastic, or Styrofoam (program to encourage reuseable beverage container use)
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CUPPS (Common Use Passenger Processing Systems) is becoming the industry standard for uniformity in passenger processing platforms.
Airlines in particular will appreciate our efforts to adopt the latest technology available that is developed by an organisation such as SITA, which took on the leading role in technology to implement the new IATA CUPPS standard.
Officially certified by IATA, CREWS CUPPS represents the next generation of "Common Use" systems.
Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya has the accolade of being the first major CUPPS installation in Africa.
The check-in counters have been equipped with ARINC CUPPS (Common Use Passenger Processing System), another first for India.
The equipment must comply with the latest CUPPS Recommended Practice RP1797 and CUSS standard.
RESA is the only CUPPS system provider to have internally developed
ARINC announced that its vMUSE passenger system qualified as a CUPPS Certified Platform.
On January 15, hundreds of WestJet Airlines guests boarded scheduled flights from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Calgary, Alberta, during the world's first live test of the new Common Use Passenger Processing Systems, commonly known as CUPPS.
Framework agreement for the provision, construction, installation and operation of CUPPS (Common Use Passenger Processing System) in accordance with IATA RP 1797 without LAN components for all the equipment, and end devices Maintenance Field Service and Hotline (first-, second- and third-level support) under the contract period.