CUPWCanadian Union of Postal Workers
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As Mandel describes, CUPW organized demonstrations,
Walchuk argues that, as with the CUPW back-down in 1987, the avenue
While CUPW National President Denis Lemelin noted that pension and social-assistance cheques come out on Monday, which the union had an agreement to deliver.
Members of AFL affiliated unions, however, actively organized against Charlottetown along with CUPW and PSAC.
Thankfully this gives way to a two-chapter coda where Parrot reflects on the broader issues CUPW faced.
CUPW demanded class action while the CLC settled for class collaboration.
Parrot describes his efforts to become fluently bilingual and ensure that francophone members were fairly represented in CUPW activities.
The on-again, off-again rivalry with the Letter Carriers Union of Canada [LCUC] representing the outside postal delivery workers complicated matters until the two unions were amalgamated in 1989 under CUPW.
To redress this imbalance, a research team composed of Margaret Little, Theresa O'Keefe, Sarah Riegel, and Kristin Hulme of the Political Studies Department at Queen's University, and Lynne Pajot of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers [CUPW] designed a programme to encourage female CUPW members to consider working in non-traditional occupations and to minimize any negative responses to women's presence in such sectors of the labour market.
Perhaps the additional information I have provided will convince him that, in 1987, the Hamilton Local of CUPW did not fit the conventional model of a bureaucratized union.
I also observed the activity of each of the 45 workers during the strike, and used information from members of the executive of the Hamilton Local of CUPW to arrive at a general picture of their workplace behaviour between the strike's conclusion in October 1987 and spring 1989," Labour/Le Travail, 34 (Fall 1994), 109-10.