CUREECentre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (UK)
CUREeCalifornia Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering
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I can wind my horn, though I call not the blast either a recheate or a morte I can cheer my dogs on the prey, and I can flay and quarter the animal when it is brought down, without using the newfangled jargon of curee, arbor, nombles, and all the babble of the fabulous Sir Tristrem.
Roy-Reverzy mentionne la predilection des oeuvres realistes pour la mise en abyme et la reecriture parodique des mythes: Phedre dans La Curee, La Genese dans La faute de l'abbe Mouret.
In La Curee, Parc Monceau plays a crucial role in the novel's recasting of moral valuation of Haussmann's Paris.
La Curee in Les Rougon-Macquart: Histoire naturelle et sociale d'une famille sous le second Empire, Vol.
This may also provide a stronger motivation for using cyclic testing protocols such as the CUREE protocol to establish design values in the future.
Emile Zola's La Curee, the second work in the Rougon-Macquart series, was published in 1871 and is ostensibly a naturalist novel.
Revisiting Decadence: Vadim's Version of Zola's La Curee.
CUREe researchers had expected this "ultimate jolt" to severely damage the house.
Addressing L'Assommoir, I Malavoglia, La Curee, L'Argent and Mastro-don Gesualdo, as well as the texts already mentioned, Pagano provides a meticulous analysis of the use of authorial voice and the various strategies Verga and Zola employ to disavow it.
La Curee (1872; The Kill), for example, explores the land speculation and financial dealings that accompanied the renovation of Paris during the Second Empire.
Hier lundi 18 decembre 2017 a l'ONU, ca a ete la curee pour les USA, avec un vote unanime de 14 nations - dont la Russie, la Chine, la France et le Royaume-Uni, pourtant grand allie des Americains - pour denoncer la decision de Donald Trump qui a provoque un tolle planetaire.
Much-cited examples of this practice include, for example, the presence of Racine's Phedre in La Curee.