CUREECentre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (UK)
CUREeCalifornia Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering
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I can wind my horn, though I call not the blast either a recheate or a morte I can cheer my dogs on the prey, and I can flay and quarter the animal when it is brought down, without using the newfangled jargon of curee, arbor, nombles, and all the babble of the fabulous Sir Tristrem.
In La Curee, Parc Monceau plays a crucial role in the novel's recasting of moral valuation of Haussmann's Paris.
A central scene in La Curee takes place in the cabinet particulier of the Cafe Riche, on the Boulevard des Italiens, where Renee and Maxime consummate their affair.
It is this association of the omnibus with illicit sexuality that Zola exploits in his staging of urban disorders in La Curee.
The disordering of the orderly topography of the newly Haussmannized Paris within the spaces of the novel articulates moral and social degeneration in La Curee.
This may also provide a stronger motivation for using cyclic testing protocols such as the CUREE protocol to establish design values in the future.
There is a strong asymmetry, however, between positive and negative backbone curves for both CUREE and earthquake results.
Based on the tests and analysis presented in this paper, it appears the CUREE protocol generally gives a more conservative approximation than monotonic tests of shear wall performance under actual earthquake loading.
Peak loads were approximately equal to those from the CUREE cyclic protocol.
The sill log was displaced according to the CUREE protocol (Scott 2003) at a frequency of 0.
The CUREE reference displacement (D) for light-frame shear walls is supposed to be 0.
APA Technical Services staff have participated in two CUREe workshops and serve in an advisory capacity on one of several CUREe task groups.