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CURTConstruction Users Roundtable
CURTClever Use of Reasoning Tools (software)
CURTCenter for Underwater Robotic Technology (University of Hawaii)
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Such was the curt remark which ended du Bousquier's meditation.
Lucy, apparently absorbed in a lunette, could hear the lecture again interrupted, the anxious, aggressive voice of the old man, the curt, injured replies of his opponent.
Gringoire tried to slip in some excuse between these curt words, which wrath rendered more and more jerky.
He felt almost sick with humiliation, the humiliation of having to ask and the humiliation of the curt refusal.
Sherlock Holmes listened with attention to the long report which I was able to present to him that evening, but it did not elicit that word of curt praise which I had hoped for and should have valued.
Yes, there lay Willoughby, curt, inexpressive, perpetually jocular, robbing a whole continent of mystery, enquiring after his daughter's manners and morals--hoping she wasn't a bore, and bidding them pack her off to him on board the very next ship if she were-- and then grateful and affectionate with suppressed emotion, and then half a page about his own triumphs over wretched little natives who went on strike and refused to load his ships, until he roared English oaths at them, "popping my head out of the window just as I was, in my shirt sleeves.
said Lydgate, who was much given to use that inconvenient word in a curt tone.
Whether they were before a judge, a military officer, or a civil dignitary they could not know, but evidently he was a man of authority, for, after listening to whatever recital was being made to him the while he closely scrutinized the two captives, he made a single futile attempt to converse with them and then issued some curt orders to him who had made the report.
It is what I would know," said the officer, and with a curt command to his men to follow him he turned and left the cell.
I do not find myself at liberty to afford you any information," was the curt reply.
He gave us the news as it came through to him in a few curt sentences.
After a week's delay, you favor me, my Lord, with a curt reply.