CURVCable-controlled Underwater Recovery Vehicle
CURVCable-controlled Underwater Research Vehicle
CURVControlled Unmanned Recovery Vehicle
CURVCombined Unit Reactor Vessel
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The CURV valve surface incorporated the possible effect of the valve curvature (using shell depth or width as a proxy) on the surface estimation, and was based on the formula of shell surface (A') proposed by Reimer and Tedengren (1996): A' = l [([h.
We used the PLANE (see above) shell surface estimation for the ThI-1 index, and the CURV shell surface estimation for the ThI-2 index.
A typical ROV implementation showing CURV III in operation is illustrated in Fig.
Propex is thrilled to be exclusively partnered with the leading hockey skate manufacturer in the industry and believes Bauer has used CURV Composite Technology in a way that showcases the technology's key properties and benefits," says Dave Gartshore, business vice president for CURV Composite Technology at Propex.
003385 Source: Authors' computation LOG(CRPS) CAPV CURV OCHR LOG(FDI) 11.
Most ROVs used by the commercial off-shore oil, gas and civil engineering industries are much smaller than the Navy's CURVs, and operate in less than 1,000 feet of water.
Propex is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of geotextiles and the patent holder of the so-called CURV technology, which is the best on the market concerning the production of hardside and softside luggage etc.
The Navy will use a remote-controlled vehicle called CURV 21 to get a closer look at the wreckage, and possibly find a data recorder that could provide clues as to what happened on board.