CUSBCollège Universitaire de Saint-Boniface (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
CUSBCentro Universitario Sportivo Bolognese (Italian: Bolognese University Sports Center; University of Bologna; Bologna, Italy)
CUSBCresco Union Savings Bank (Cresco, IA)
CUSBColumbia University-Stony Brook (particle detector; Cornell Electron Storage Ring; New York)
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And finally, this study sought to consider whether the program that CUSB has contributed to the integration of new teachers into the profession.
The population for this study included the 207 students of the Faculte d'education at the CUSB in Manitoba who graduated from 2001 to 2005.
The list of graduates and their addresses was available through the CUSB, and the questionnaires were mailed via Canada Post after ethics approval was obtained.
Ewart (the author of this article) conducted the interviews and although she was one of the instructors at CUSB, the interviewees' comments about their pre-service training did not deviate from the responses on the questionnaires.
Retention rates of participants of this study, graduates from the Faculte d'educationat CUSB , reveal that 91 per cent (118 participants) were teaching, 2 per cent (3 participants) never taught, and 7 per cent (9 participants) left the profession.
Bilodeau, personal communication, May 20, 2008) for the CUSB graduates, which reported that eight (10%) of the 77 teachers never taught in Manitoba and eight (10%) had left the profession by the end of 2007, the year the study was conducted.
Because CUSB is responsible for training all teachers of French in Manitoba, and the attrition rate of these graduates is relatively low, attrition does not appear a factor contributing to a shortage in Manitoba of qualified teachers in French immersion and minority French language programs.
However, although classroom management, lack of resources, and evaluation were the factors most often identified posing as challenges to the CUSB graduates, 39 per cent of the participants did not identify classroom management and nearly half the participants did not identify either evaluation or lack of resources as challenges.
It would therefore seem plausible that the pre-service training of the CUSB teachers contributed to their resiliency and to a smooth transition into the profession and subsequently, a low attrition rate.