CUSMCisco Unified Service Monitor (software)
CUSMCenter for United States Missions
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In the absence of all other errors, a CUSM sampling at this location will provide the correct flow rate.
For field applications where the flow rate is unlikely to remain constant for long periods of time, it may be necessary to install a second, fixed CUSM at a different location and use data from that meter to normalize the velocities recorded by the meter being rotated.
2007, Rapport sur la clinique des troubles de personnalite du CUSM, 2001-2007, Centre universitaire de sante McGill.
Membre de la clinique des troubles de la personnalite du CUSM.
net) today announced that its client, CUseeMe(R) Networks (NASDAQ: CUSM - news), the leading provider of voice and visual communications solutions for the Internet, has won a Standard of Excellence WebAward in the 2000 WebAward web site competition for CUSeeMe World (http://www.