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CUSTCochin University of Science and Technology (India)
CUSTCentre Universitaire des Sciences et Techniques
CUSTChangchun University of Science and Technology (China; est. 1958)
CUSTCOMSATS (Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South) University of Science and Technology (Pakistan)
CUSTChicago Union Station Company
CUSTCustody Code
CUSTCurriculum Studies, Department Of
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Be cust if I'd have done either o't," said Beck Knibbs, a married helper from one of the cottages.
Women in Veterinary A Tribute To Aleen Cust begins on May 4 in the Hodson Bay Hotel and runs for two days.
Former TD Mary O'Rourke (second right) pictured with Miriam Finn (Aleen Cust Committee) Joanna Morgan (right) and Meta Osborne (left)
In keeping with that focus, I am very pleased to announce that we merged the firm of Cust, Dori & Benick (CDB) into Wiss, giving us an even greater presence across the state of New Jersey and into the eastern portion of Pennsylvania," said Jeff Campo, Managing Partner, Wiss & Company, LLP.
One is the CDB partners, Jack Cust, Bruno Dori, Frank Benick and Mike Petrecca, all of whom have earned an excellent reputation during their long history of serving clients in New Jersey," Campo said.
Cust addresses both those needs, though his strikeouts will no doubt infuriate some fans, his talents should improve a pitiable offense.
However he did it, Cust is finally in a spot where he can say it was worth it.
Before now, Cust was perhaps best known for a play that's still shown on some of those blooper reels during games.
RICHARD CUST CLAIMS MODESTLY that his new study of Charles I attempts to take stock of him in the light of current historiography.
Cust is the prototypical three true outcomes player, having led the AL in strikeouts each of the last three seasons, while averaging 28 homeruns and 103 walks during that span.