CUSTACanadian/US Trade Agreement
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When these actions were referred to the CUSTA or NAFTA level, only 35 percent of the actions were upheld, though 55 percent of such referrals proved either inconclusive or were terminated by the complaining party before a decision was reached.
Prior to the implementation of CUSTA in 1989, there were important non-tariff barriers in wheat that effectively prevented significant trade between the two countries in this commodity.
filed another case under CUSTA against Canadian durum wheat exports, charging that they were being sold below cost with the help of subsidies.
Before that, there were few explicit disputes because both countries' dairy policies were left unchanged by CUSTA and NAFTA.
However, the original CUSTA maintained preexisting quotas (at U.
As well, Ottawa compensated wine producers, who were hurt by the reduction in their border protection from CUSTA.