CUTACanadian Urban Transit Association
CUTACarlsbad Unified Teachers Association
CUTACalifornia Unified Taekwondo Association (martial arts)
CUTAChittagong University Teachers Association
CUTACalcutta University Teachers Association
CUTACollege & University Trust Association
CUTAColegio Universitario Arecibo
CUTACentral United Talmudical Academy, Inc. (New York, NY)
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Canadians can make a positive impact on air quality by riding public transit," said CUTA president and CEO Michael Roschlau.
14 Al Cormier, "New Transit Agency for Montreal Region," CUTA Forum (February 1996), p.
The award was presented in Gatineau, Quebec at a lunch ceremony during the CUTA 2014 Annual conference.
1) El titulo completo es La culta latiniparla, catecismo de vocablos para instruir a las mujeres cutas y hembrilatinas.