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CUTCOCooking Utensil Company
CUTCOComissão de Utentes dos Transportes do Concelho de Odivelas (Portugal)
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The former Alcas Cutlery facility, which currently houses Cutco, an active cutlery manufacturing business, was one of the manufacturing operations which impacted the site.
But, really, Cutco is a great brand of knives and has a lifetime warranty.
In 2001, Cutco announced its intention to increase its total commitment to $1 million of financial, product and promotional support through the end of 2006.
In front of you is your wakizashi, which is a foot-and-a-half-long sword that makes your Cutco bull-shit look small and sad.
According to LNP, its compounds enabled Cutco, to combine a "dark contemporary eggplant color (that of the Colorcomp elastomer) with a bright yellow accent color (that of the Thermocomp composite) for easy identification.
As part of its sponsorship, Cutco knife skills classes will be held at the center, focusing on knife techniques, cutlery care and knife selection.
In the toughest recession since World War II, sales of Cutco Cutlery are remaining sharp, as profiled in a February 6, 2009 article in the newspaper The Californian titled, "Recession?
These properties are Alcas (currently owned and operated by Cutco Corporation), McGraw Edison (currently owned and operated by Cooper Power Systems, LLC), the former Loohn s Dry Cleaners and Launderers property (currently a vacant lot), and the AVX property.
SHARE OUR STRENGTH has donated more than $634,000 this year to aid anti-hunger causes through its Taste of the Nation fund-raisers, which are supported by such housewares companies as Jenn-Air, illy cafe, Betty Crocker, Cutco Cutlery and Chef's Catalog.
Burdette joined Vector in 1999 as a CUTCO sales representative while a student at Oregon State University.
one of the country's most well-known marketing and business ethics professors and authors, has been named to the Academic Advisory Board of Vector Marketing, the direct sales division of Cutco Cutlery.
Foresman started as a sales representative with Vector, the exclusive marketer of CUTCO Cutlery, and since has advanced on a management track for the company.