CVFTChaska Valley Family Theatre (Minnesota)
CVFTChartiers Valley Federation of Teachers (Pittsburgh, PA)
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According to the regression analyses, a diagnosis of depression, as well as lower baseline CVFT and MMSE scores predicted a higher risk of CDR decline in subjects with baseline CDR scores of 0.
A previous local study (13) found that the mean [+ or -] standard deviation (SD) CVFT score of the subjects was 29.
Independent variables, including cognitive test scores (MMSE, ADAS-Cog, delayed recall test, CVFT, VADS test, TMT), functional assessment score (DAD scale), mood scores (HRSD, NPI-apathy), cardiovascular risk burden, and duration of current depressive episode were examined to look for predictors of remission at 12 and 24 weeks.
The depression group showed significant cognitive impairment compared to the NC group in all cognitive tests including global cognitive function, delayed recall memory, working memory, and CVFT.
Age, CMMSE score, ADAS-Cog total score, 10-minute delayed recall and CVFT scores yielded significant correlations with all MacCAT-T summary scores.