CVHTCompton Verney House Trust (UK)
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Using the CVHT vehicle's onboard equipment that referenced the same GPS time, the researchers were able to quantify exactly where the vehicle was located at an exact point in time.
The FHWA researchers will install the equipment at the CVHT for trial-run experiments.
The units that pass initial testing requirements based on the vendors' self-certification and basic functionality tests at the CVHT will be field-deployed at die model deployment site.
During the CVHT segment of the tour, LaHood and Mendez tried out the intelligent vehicle as it communicated wire-lessly in real time with the intelligent intersection and a network operating center in Oak Ridge, TN.
With invehicle messages broadcast from Oak Ridge through the CVHT intelligent intersection, the intelligent vehicle was able to demonstrate capabilities that could be deployed in the not-so-distant future.
Building on the success of this demonstration, the CVHT researchers have continued to provide similar tours to a variety of groups.
One of the advantages to being a living outdoor laboratory is that the CVHT has ample opportunities to expand.
In summary, enhancements to the CVHT may include the following:
These CVHT enhancements will position FHWA to perform cutting-edge research in support of numerous USDOT programs, including FHWA's Exploratory Advanced Research (EAR) Program, Dynamic Mobility Applications, V2I Communications for Safety, and Applications for the Environment: Real-Time Information Synthesis (AERIS).
FHWA is committed to being a key contributor to cooperative vehicle-highway research and will lead the development and testing of related technologies and applications with the help of the new CVHT.