CVLCCedar Valley Lions Club (Canada)
CVLCCache Valley Learning Center (Logan, UT)
CVLCCedar Valley Library Consortium
CVLCCommunity Volunteer Leadership Conference
CVLCClinch Valley Literacy Council (Clinton, TN)
CVLCCentral Virginia Laboratories and Consultants, Inc. (Forest, VA)
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The impressions and ideas underlying this section were formed during and after my time at CVLC, with particular input from staff attorney Darren Pruslow.
The CVLC transports product to an elevation, where a minimum pressure accumulation conveyor transports it to a second CVLC.
Officials have calculated that CVLCs use 60% less floor space than conventional inclined belt conveyors.
And it isn't just local events that CVLC has embraced.
And despite all its achievements CVLC didn't have a flash bash, preferring to spend its money on good causes rather than celebrations.
While traditional women's clubs are often associated with more archaic pastimes, CVLC has a much more modern outlook.