CVNXAircraft Carrier, Nuclear, Experimental
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But Defense Department officials decided that planned improvements for CVNX 1 were not dramatic enough to justify the expense.
was awarded a $161 million contract for research and design development engineering in support of the future CVNX carrier program.
Mulherin has been named sector vice president of the CVNX program for Northrop Grumman Corporation's Newport News sector.
The 10th Nimitz-class carrier, CVN-77, will be the transition ship to the next generation, the CVNX, the result of a focused process of change to realize military capabilities that would meet the new demands of a changing security environment.
The integrated warfare system for the CVNX will be derived from the "baseline" version introduced in CVN-77.
CVNX innovations will be spread between the first two ships of the class, which are projected for delivery in 2013 and 2018, respectively, and will include a new-design nuclear reactor and propulsion plant.
Beginning with the first CVNX, an electro-magnetic aircraft launching system (EMALS) will replace the steam catapults that are currently used to launch carrier aircraft EMALS will significantly reduce weight, catapult manning requirements and life-cycle costs.
The innovations incorporated into the second CVNX will include an electro-magnetic aircraft recovery system (EARS) and flight deck redesign that will reduce crew workload, enhance safety and reduce the costs of operating and maintaining a carrier throughout its 50-year service life.