CWLUChicago Women's Liberation Union (est. 1969; Chicago, IL)
CWLUCabin Wireless LAN Unit (aircraft equipment)
CWLUCold Wet Lay Up (condition of a boiler in a steam plant)
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Heather Booth of Chicago's West Side Group and the CWLU co-founded Project Amos: The National Jewish Partnership for Social Justice.
In Chicago, the term "socialist feminism" came into use by 1972, when the Hyde Park Chapter of the CWLU issued a document entitled "Socialist Feminism--A Strategy for the Women's Movement.
Unlike other sectarian leftists, the women who trashed the CWLU did not actively recruit converts to their own organizations, appear at city-wide demonstrations, or develop alternative theories.
Suzanne Staggenborg compared the more formalized Chicago chapter of the National Organization for Women with the relatively more informal, decentralized Chicago's Women's Liberation Union and found that NOW survived and the CWLU died, because NOW's structure permitted it to solve problems of organizational maintenance and internal dissent.