CWTPCable, Wire, Tube and Pipe (trade fair)
CWTPChemical Waste Treatment Plant
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Three of the factors in the CPDCQ ("Blame causes within developing countries", "Blame causes external to developing countries", "Blame attributed to developing countries' population") are similar to three of the factors in the CWTP ("Blame Third World governments", "Blame exploitation", and "Blame Third World population", respectively).
However, the factorial structure of the CPDCQ gives rise to a fourth factor, "Blame attributed to developing countries' services", which bears no similarity to any factor in the CWTP, consisting of two items that refer to the inability of inhabitants of developing countries to access quality educational and health services.
Notably, two of the factors in the CWTP observed by Panadero and Vazquez (2008) in the Spanish-speaking population ("Blame war" and "Blame nature") are not reflected in the CPDCQ.