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CXCChandra X-Ray Center
CXCCaribbean Examinations Council
CXCCysteine X Cysteine (immunology)
CXCCourage Crew
CXCCampus-X-Connect (StarNet Communications Corp.)
CXCCentral Cross Country (ski association)
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Of the three most used education criteria for skill measurement, two of them, the tertiary level enrollment and CXC passes may reflect a female bias.
CXC "itself is a very simple language to program parallel computers," said Oberdorfer, who likened it to C and Java.
Sam Smith scooped three, while One Direction, Coldplay, Charli CXC and Calvin Harris all won too.
Anderson Marshall, director of corporate services at CXC and Dan Wilson, director, regional sales, Macmillan signed the contract at a brief ceremony in Barbados.
SCRT significantly reduced the number of neutrophils in the bronchoalveolar (BAL) fluid and also significantly reduced the BAL levels of CXC chemokines both expressed as part of the immune response, providing a potential mechanism for the reduced inflammation.
29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- TaiGen Biotechnology Company, Limited ("TaiGen") announced the results from the US Phase IIa trial of TG-0054, a CXC chemokine receptor 4 (CXCR4) antagonist, in stem cell transplantation will be presented in an Oral Session at the 55th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition (December 7-10, 2013) in New Orleans, LA, U.
The CXC subdivides members into special interest groups (SIGs) based on application, industry or other appropriate divisions.
SDL CXC is the only solution that enables marketers to no longer guess at what might resonate.
Controlled by Alpha's Cordex CXC system controller, the CXDF 48-57 system offers intelligent controls that enable system provisioning, monitoring and control on-site or remotely via an Internet connection through a network Web browser.
The SDL CXC empowers companies to understand, create, manage and deliver impactful, data-driven experiences to customers across all channels and devices throughout the customer journey.
He is a founding partner of CXC China Sustainable Growth Fund (CXCG), as well as a managing director of CXCG's management company, CXC Capital, Inc.
GCA continues to expand the footprint of its new CXC 4.