CXDConservation by Design (est. 1992; UK)
CXDConsumer Experience Design
CXDCertified User Experience Designer (Akendi; Canada)
CXDCoherity XML Database (Coherity)
CXDComputed X-Ray Densitometry (osteoporosis screening technique)
CXDCoherent X-ray Diffraction
CXDCombined External Dummy (assembler language)
CXDCancel Approved Departure
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Wang, "Two special kinds of least squares solutions for the quaternion matrix equation AXB + CXD = E," Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, vol.
Casio said the registers can connect via the Internet to servers provided by CXD Next, allowing shop owners to quickly keep track of sales data and to analyze them.
It will develop services around Casio's new cash register with virtual private network (VPN) capability and reader/writer compatibility for mobile e-wallet services, with the cash register connecting via the Internet VPN to servers provided by CXD NEXT.
And to complement the range, CXD has introduced spring-like fabrics such as linen and viscose blends, pure silk and cotton.
For this season, CXD also offers a capsule collection of evening wear in satin and chiffon; fresh and fluid pieces that drape seductively to accentuate the body.
The CXD Series is available in many different sizes and configurations and includes such operations as trimming, dowel boring, dowel insertion, vertical drilling, horizontal drilling and routing.