CxPCustomer Experience
CxPCommon Iff Digital Transponder Program
CxPConstellation Program (US NASA)
CxPCollection and Exploitation Plan (various organizations)
CxPCommon IFF Digital Transponder Program (US Navy shipboard and aircraft Identification Friend or Foe Transponder)
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The latest updates to CXP makes it possible for developers and designers to quickly and easily create customer-friendly self-service applications for the channels that consumers want to use such as text, Facebook Messenger or other messaging apps, as well as IVR.
It is also possible to reuse existing coaxial cable when upgrading from an analog to a digital camera system, making CXP ideal for cost-effective retrofitting.
From our flagship cloud portfolio Aspect Via to our dynamic self-service platform CXP, our cloud transformation has dramatically changed the trajectory of our business.
Aspect Software, a cloud provider of fully integrated consumer engagement, workforce optimization, and back-office solutions, has launched Aspect CXP 17, the latest iteration of CXP which introduces major improvements in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities that make it easier to build and maintain customer service chatbots and self-service solutions, the company said.
Backbase is a software company that creates products such as Backbase CXP and Backbase DBP, each designed to help financial institutions organize, create, and manage customer experiences across all channels, and on any device.
Mellott's CXP Program expedites repairs of complete assemblies for all major crusher models by allowing customers to exchange their component rather than losing valuable uptime waiting on a repair.
Tender notice number : COM/OFF/SAX/16-17/903/RC-MCP CXP
Among the connector segment, QSFP and CXP accounted for the maximum share in 2015, as they support both the Ethernet and InfiniBand protocols that are core to any data center.
They support one to four CXP cameras as well as up to four CXP multilinks.
Backbase, a customer experience platform (CXP) provider, has announced that Sberbank has launched its new digital platform based on Backbase CXP.
has chosen Backbase CXP as its digital banking platform to improve their online and mobile banking experiences.