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CXRChest X-Ray
CXRChristmas Island (ISO Country code)
CXRConventional X-Ray
CXRCoherent X-Radiation
CXRCharacteristic X-Radiation
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CXR Ethernet solutions deliver value and innovative integration in Carrier, Defense, Transportation and Utility networks.
This allows CXR to better access the US and Canadian mission critical networking market with DCB offering full sales and support for their products while allowing DCB to expand their broad product portfolio with some of CXR's key products.
We set out to compare detection of tuberculous lymphadenopathy on lateral CXRs with sagittal CT reconstructions and determine which anatomical group of lymph nodes contributes to locations on lateral CXR by using multiplanar cross-referencing.
Aim: To audit the value of CXR after chest tube insertion in trauma patients.
A few studies have been performed to determine the usefulness of routine CXR following either surgical tracheostomy (5) or PDT performed under bronchoscopic guidance (6, 7).
Dr Tom Shepherd, chief executive of CXR commented "As a significant part of the tremendous costs involved in drug development are expended on drugs that fail during the development process, not only should this platform improve the quality of candidate drugs entering the clinic, but it should also improve the cost effectiveness of the overall process.
We look forward to a continuing relationship with Hitron that will allow both companies to further expand the distribution of other CXR Larus communication products, including network access products produced by our French subsidiary, CXR-Anderson Jacobson.
Commenting on the new product Mehdy Mirin, network product manager for MicroTel's California based CXR Telcom Corp.