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CYASee You
CYACover Your Ass
CYACanadian Yachting Association
CYAChantilly Youth Association (Chantilly, VA)
CYACalifornia Youth Authority
CYACover Your Assets
CYACollege Year in Athens (Greece; study abroad program)
CYACyclosporine A (immunosuppressant)
CYACyanuric Acid
CYACy Young Award (ML Baseball Award for Pitching)
CYAChange Your Attitude
CYACollege/Young Adult (ministry)
CYACarry Your Ass
CYACumbria Youth Alliance (UK)
CYAClassic Yacht Association
CYACover Your Answer(s)
CYACall Your Attorney
CYACuban Yoga Association
CYACarclew Youth Arts (Australia)
CYACanadian Youth Assembly (est. 2008)
CYACan You Articulate
CYAChristian Youth Association
CYAChallenge Your Assumptions
CYACatch You Afterwards
CYACompany of Young Artists (Youth Musical Theater Group, Fullerton College, CA)
CYACommittee of Young Artists (Mississauga Arts Council)
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Compared with DM + EtOH I/R group, LDH release was increased in DM + EtOH + CYA I/R, DM + EtOH + Atr I/R, and DM + EtOH + Wor I/R groups (Table 2).
CYA said that the three new partners will be offering its full range of solutions, which include: CYA SmartRecovery, which provides synchronous backups of ECM repository information; CYA Recycle Bin, an 'Un-delete' tool enabling ECM end users to restore documents, folders and virtual documents they have accidentally deleted from the content repository; and CYA SmartReplicator, a hardware-independent solution providing real-time replication of the information within an ECM production repository to a standby server.
CYA SmartRecovery helps organisations avoid the consequences of logical loss by performing hot, synchronous backups of the Documentum repository, which enable a single administrator to recover granular objects back to their original states in the docbase without the need to take EMC Documentum offline.
If you've ever had a major accidental data deletion, especially involving workflow, and contemplated trying to recover it using traditional backup/restore methods, then CYA Recovery is a no-brainer," says the IT operations manager for the firm, which is now a CYA customer.
He added that trichlor is still a viable product if service techs and pool owners alternate it with other sanitizers to give CYA levels a chance to drop.
It works like this: Simply measure the amount of stabilizer in the water and subtract one-third of the CYA measurement from the TA test kit reading.
The IT Department itself has also found more time to work on strategic projects, rather than focusing on "housekeeping" issues Routine checks for data inconsistencies using CYA Inspector are run frequently, especially during mass imports of data and bulk changes.
By contrast, what is genuinely scandalous is the fact that we spend tens of billions of dollars a year for intelligence gathering, only to have turf wars and the CYA reflex keep our agencies from sharing it with one another.
In addition, three variables of substantive interest were included from the juvenile corrections data: (1) prior juvenile incarceration, (2) a record of prior sustained delinquency petitions, and (3) recommendation for a formal substance abuse treatment program within CYA.
These were only a few of the questions with which I began my study of the CYA phenomenon in organizational writing.
CYA is a common chemical that stabilizes chlorine levels.