CYCOCentral Yiddish Culture Organization, Inc. (New York, NY)
CYCOCybercrime Coordination Unit (Switzerland)
CYCOColchester Youth Chamber Orchestra (UK)
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curvata (Hustedt) MGC Simonsen 1979 Cyclotella atomus Hustedt 1937 CYAT Cyclotella caspia Grunow 1878 CCAS Cyclotella comensis Grunow in Van Heurck 1882 CYCO Cyclotella cyclopuncta Hakansson & Carter 1990 CYCL Cyclotella meneghiniana Kutzing 1844 CYMG Cyclotella striata (Kutzing) Grunow in Cleve CYST & Grunow 1880 Cyclotella aff.
also Mendl NaygreshI, "Di moderne yidishe literatur in galitsye," in Fun noentn over: monografyes un memuarn (New York: CYCO, 1:955), 305-I2- Avraham Tabatshnik lays the confusion at the feet of Dovid Hofshteyn and M.
And the volume is itself an abridgement of Goldsmith's prior, monumental effort, Yidisher Literatur in Amerike 1870-2000, a thirteen-hundred-page anthology of Yiddish originals, published in two volumes by CYCO Books (1999-2002).