CYDFChina Youth Development Foundation
CYDFCornerstone Youth Development Fund (Rochester, MI)
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Together we can promote an awareness of green civilization and make a difference in the drive towards environmental sustainability," said Yao Wen, deputy secretary general of the CYDF.
Funds raised at the Gala will be used to help develop and nurture young talents at Project Hope schools under the Tsingtao QSL Youth Sports Development Fund in support of the CYDF.
Founder and Chairman of QSL Mr Kenny HUANG said, "The amount of donations we received at the Gala speaks for itself on the level of support to the charity cause that Tsingtao Brewery, CYDF and QSL have been pursuing.
Mo cited the documentary evidence offered by the prosecution--"A Brief Introduction to the China Youth Development Foundation," which stated that the purpose of CYDF was to encourage the promotion of self-development among Chinese youth and to foster mutual exchange and communication by providing financial support for various activities such as conducting research, writing books, and producing works of art.
Yang and his group mailed applications to join the CYDF to four individuals in China.
Instead, various studies of the CYDF uncovered significant evidence of the Organisation's remarkable autonomy in pursuing its own goals.
We believe CYDF is well positioned to provide immediate and effective aid to the communities in Qinghai during their time of need," said Stanley Cheung, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, The Walt Disney Company, Greater China.
CYDF will launch a 12-month project that will provide migrant children between the ages of 6-17 access to advanced technology and introduce real-world engineering challenges through the teaching of basic robotics.
It will be instrumental not only in driving that development but also in promoting civil duties, sportsmanship and a healthy lifestyle among our youth," said WANG Min, Vice President of the CYDF.
CYDF has paid Wasserman Morris upfront for 12 months of coverage as detailed in the report.
After the declared dividend Proxity a major shareholder in CYDF will own 18,250,000 shares.
Management plans to distribute the remaining 18,250,000 CYDF shares on a quarterly basis with amounts and dividend dates to be announced in the future.