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CYFChildren, Youth and Families
CYFChow Yun Fat (actor)
CYFChristian Youth Fellowship
CYFCross Your Fingers
CYFChristian Yde Frostholm (Danish poet and artist)
CYFCanadian Youth Foundation
CYFCall You Free
CYFCambio Y Fuera (Spanish: Over and Out)
CYFCheck Your Fly
CYFCheck Your Flanks (online gaming clan)
CYFCregagh Youth Fellowship
CYFChinese Yoga Federation
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Based on discussion and previous CYF research (Wells 2002), the researchers selected a range of factors to include in the content analysis of records and assessments for the sample of cases.
Demand for CYF services escalated and notifications increased by over 30% in 2003/04, which was the beginning of a continuing upward trend.
Despite increased caseloads, budget pressures, changing work environments and weakening morale, by the end of 2003/04 CYF sites managed to improve efficiency and set the path for later improvements.
There was also the view expressed among service providers within the community that it is hard to provide adequate, responsive and effective services to frequently moving families, whether or not they have any association with CYF.
The research reference group identified a general concern that CYF was placing children from outside the area within the community.
The majority of social workers who participated in the author's research explained that the work of risk assessment and its management were CYF social work functions, to be completed and then presented to families.
The cases that are assessed as being in need of a statutory CYF assessment may tend to be more complex than those assessed to be in need of a family assessment.
On 17 March 2004 the Cabinet Social Development Committee directed the Ministry of Social Development (3) and CYF to consider, and report back by 1 September 2004 on:
whether sections 15 and 17 of the CYP&F Act should be amended to allow a more flexible CYF response to notifications
CYF has offered to pay for laser treatment to remove the tattoo, but Ms, Fajady, who came to New Zealand from Iran in 2003, says she wants answers, not apologies.
She also claims that, while in CYF care, Michael was taught to smoke by other children, and was once offered alcohol.
She believed that the police were under-resourced and CYF was unable to deal with the problem.