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CYMACompetitividad y Medio Ambiente (Spanish: Competitiveness and the Environment; program; Costa Rica)
CYMAChurches Youth Ministry Association (New Zealand)
CYMAChristian Youth Mission to Armenia
CYMACentral Young Mizo Association (est. 1935; India)
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Cyma Orchids, seeks to provide the highest quality orchids and live plant home decor products through our customized care and family approach to growing, cultivating and raising the orchids and live plants we love so much.
Sanchez, the third CyMa co-owner and a whiz with computers, and they formed the business.
Several vendors, including Araize, Blackbaud, Cougar Mountain, CYMA, GMS, FUND E-Z and Traverse, offer sophisticated help programs in which users surrender control to remote experts at the vendors' sites, who then "walk" through complex functions on the users' computers.
CYMA "Imperium" pink fashion watch in stainless steel with quartz movement, $875, Armel Jewelers.
Sabe que este cabo Mesurado tem estes synaes, hue cabo raso no mar e tem hua arvore em cyma que sogigua todas as outras arvores" (Peres, 15).
The discovery of this new component of the brain's electrical activity suggests that the detection of intonational phrases is a crucial aspect of speech perception, note psychologists Cyma Van Petten and Paul Bloom of the University of Arizona in Tucson in a commentary on Steinhauer's article.
Helen Ritter and Ruth Rauch of the AJC Records Center and Cyma Horowitz and Michele Anish of the Blaustein Library provided invaluable help in locating material.
27 Acquired (SoftKey) American Small Business Computers 60 Acquired (ViaGrafix) Banner Blue 64 Acquired (Broderbund) Software Shop Systems 68 Acquired (Geac) Nova Logic 70 No current data MicroBiz 71 Below cutoff SWFTE 79 Acquired (Expert) Mastersoft 83 Acquired (Adobe) Queue 84 Below cutoff Delta Point 87 Below cutoff Graphsoft 89 Below cutoff Softdisk Publishing 90 Below cutoff Sound Source Unlimited 91 Below cutoff Silton-Bookman Systems 93 Below cutoff CYMA Systems 94 Below cutoff KnowledgePoint 95 No current data CambridgeSoft (Cambridge Scientific) 96 Below cutoff GeoWorks 97 No longer qualifies AMSI 98 Acquired (Geac) Software Products International 100 Below cutoff
Compound, serpentine mouldings include cyma recta, cymatium, cyma reversa and beak moulding, whose upper part is concave and lower part is convex.
The hiatus suggested between Kurban Periods V and IV is supported by the Gritille results, which indicate a phase prior to the Kurban IV-related assemblage that included cyma recta bowls, Karababa Painted Ware, a vegetal-tempered brittle cooking ware, and a few Early Transcaucasian Burnished Ware sherds.
The first scheme or programme is monarchial and develops along the twelve panels, each consisting of a central fresco surrounded by volets alternately painted and sculpted, with a cartouche at the base and a salamander (Francis I's personal symbol) on the cyma, both stucco.