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CZECzech Republic (ISO Country code)
CZECapillary Zone Electrophoresis
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Over the last decade, CZE has emerged as a powerful diagnostic tool in the field of human diagnostics and represents a major advance in electrophoresis technology for clinical applications.
CZE with Capillarys showed an increase in the [beta]/[gamma]-region with a suspected M-peak (Fig.
The CZE with the Capillarys showed hypogammaglobulinemia and a suspect peak in the (3-fraction (Fig.
We selected 204 serum samples, including 79 samples with either a physiologic CZE pattern and immunoglobulins or with polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia (IgA, IgG, or IgM); 24 samples with IgA MCs or IgG MCs; and 101 samples with IgM MCs.
We compared 3 commercial methods, based on TIA, CZE, and HPLC, focusing on their application to the diagnosis of chronic alcohol abuse in the forensic environment and in other areas requiring high diagnostic reliability and objectivity.
CZE results were normal, but immunofixation revealed a [mu] heavy chain.
To separate and measure Tf isoforms, we used a previously described and validated CZE method (8,9) with the Ceofix CDT reagent set (Analis) on a Hewlett Packard (HP) 3D-CE instrument.
To confirm the interference of iopamidol in the CZE analysis, we added iopamidol to serum aliquots to give concentrations comparable to those expected during angiography.
CZE of serum proteins performed with the multichannel, automated Paragon CZE 2000 instrument with seven capillaries in parallel and software version 1.
We evaluated the use of this method in the routine analysis of serum samples by CZE in which a peak at the fibrinogen location could cause confusion with the detection of small M-proteins.
WE used the Paragon 2000[R] (Beckman Coulter) and the Capillarys[R] (Sebia) CZE systems.
In addition, one high-concentration IgG_ with a pI ~7 that migrated in the mid-[gamma]region on AGE was not separated by CZE.