CZENCritical Zone Exploration Network
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The CZEN 002 was delivered to the 20 patients in a vaginal gel specifically designed for the purpose of the study.
A novel, non-azole anti-fungal synthetic octapeptide, CZEN 002 was developed from more than 25 years of original research in the US, Europe and Asia on peptide molecules derived from alpha-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone (alpha-MSH).
Preclinical research conducted in the United States, Europe and Asia has proven the efficacy of CZEN 002.
This development provides further validation of the efficacy of CZEN 002," said R.
Ultimately these new findings, coupled with results from ongoing research with our proprietary molecules, such as our clinical trials in vaginitis with CZEN 002, could lead to the development of valuable pharmaceutical agents to control yeast growth," added Dr.