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The security lodged in guarantees or sureties must deposit at the Purchaser the secretariat, room 211, CZG R-XXI, Slajsino 30, 72-200 Nowogard, or submitted with the offer no later than the deadline for submission of tenders.
The content of the guarantee must be placed statutory address CZG R-XXI, that is Deliberate Association of Municipalities of R-XXI, pl.
The contract is a service based on perception of municipal waste with properties located within the administrative boundaries of the Commune Wolin and their transport to a waste transfer station in Swinoujscie, functioning in the framework of the Regional Municipal waste treatment plants for waste management in the region CZG R-XXI, which includes the town of Wolin and 30 villages: Chynowo, Dargobadz, Darzowice, Dobropole, Guess, Jarzebowo, Kodrab, Kodrabek, Kolczewo, Koniewo, Korzecin, Chick, Lachin, scaly, Mokrzyca Small, Mokrzyca United, Ostromice, Sands Great, Plocin, Reclaw, Rzeczyn, Sieroslaw , Skoszewo, Troszyn, Unin, Warnowo, Wiejkowo, Wiselka, ZagErze, Zastan, which include 50 rural localities listed in Appendix 1 hereto - of the Contract.