CZIConfederation of Zimbabwe Industries
CZICore Zone Inspection (aviation)
CZICount Zero Interrupt (computer programming; science fiction)
CZIChristuszentrum Itzehoe
CZICertificat Zoosanitaire International (French: International Animal Health Certificate; international travel)
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info/ Frankel, 1997) and Prague (in km) CZI CzechInvest offices in origin + CzechInvest (2009) country i (number: 0, 1, 2) CPI Corruption Perceptions Index - Transparency (high value=low corruption) International (2007) (a) Initially, the modest were run with imports and exports as separate variables, in part to investigate Frankel's (1997) finding that in the USA they behave differently as origin effects.
CZI is on the dialogue offensive, and is inviting Western foreign missions and embassies, that together, we embark on a positive approach to the Zimbabwe problem by engaging, and thus influencing, those that matter in an effort to resolve the challenges confronting us.
CZI is an alternative asset investment fund that invests actively across a range of private equity funds, hedge funds, structured products, direct investments and other alternative investment vehicles.
Post-transaction, CZF II and CZF III will continue to be managed separately from CZI, CZI II and CZIP with a dedicated investment team.
Baffour: Your CZI came up with an advertisement this week exhorting your membership to adhere to the government's pricing policies.
I, as the president of CZI, am not happy to see my members arrested.
CZI is managed by Capital Z Partners, a privately-owned global alternative asset management firm headquartered in New York which currently manages over $3.
According to CZI statistics, overall input costs rose by more than 35% during the 12-month period ending March 1994.
CZI said to starve of the affect of the liquidity crisis in the economy, the country needs to mobilise substantial amount of foreign direct investment.