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CZTCadmium Zinc Telluride
CZTChirp Z-Transform
CZTCommunity Z Tools
CZTCentral Zone Time
CZTConcentric Zone Theory
CZTCertified Zentangle Teacher (art)
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Keywords: Photovoltaics, CZT, Thermal Evaporation Technique, UV-Visible Spectroscopy, EDX, XRD.
5-litre Sport, with the turbocharged CZT being the only anomaly, pitched out there at Group 14.
CZT operation is ready to be carried out to simulate the range-variant range cell migration phase with respect to the distance from the target to receiver by forming the scaling factor in range,
Just 400 Colt Black Hawks have been produced, with prices ranging from pounds 8,021, with the 200examples of the CZT version costing pounds 13,026each.
The perky Colt CZT is not likely to be the first name that trips off your tongue when you consider sports hatches.
Providing space to stow away the retractable hard top in a 2+2 layout, this coupe-cabriolet model joins the European Colt series, including the 5-door Colt hatchback and 3-door Colt CZ3 and Colt CZT hatchbacks, as the third body variation.
And drivers on a budget looking for a hot hatch should check out Mitsubishi's new Colt CZT.
The sporty CZT version of the Mitsubishi Colt has recently been labelled a new boy-racer's favourite after its 0-60mph time of 7.
The new Colt CZT will hit 130mph and blast from standstill to 62mph in a mere eight seconds, making it one of the fastest mini cars on the market.
MITSUBISHI has a new pocket rocket, the surprisingly spacious Colt CZT (above).
The new three-door versions of the Colt, which will be known as the CZ3 range, will include a 150bhp turbocharged range-topper, called CZT.
Increasing the production yield of high-performance CZT detectors and lowering their cost are the most challenging goals facing developers today.