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CA2Carbonic Anhydrase 2 (gene)
CA2Chimeric A2 (antibody)
CA2Cornu Ammonis 2
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Because several neuropsychiatric disorders are associated with altered social behaviors, our findings raise the possibility that CA2 dysfunction may contribute to these behavioral changes," Dr.
Intracellular calcium chelation and pharmacological SERCA inhibition of Ca2 + pump in the insular cortex differentially affect taste aversive memory formation and retrieval.
Dudek began studying CA2 because she wanted to figure out exactly how critical periods for phenomena such as ocular dominance are controlled.
The dynamic water absorption data of all six samples, namely MB1, MB2, CAI, CA2, AAcl, and AAc2 were analyzed using the following power-law, given by Peppas (25):
In collaboration with Serena Dudek, PhD, at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, they examined how the CA2 region responded to electrical stimulation in the gene-altered mice.
Contract award: exploitation of ca3 restaurants (lot 1) and ca2 (lot 2) for the cea dam / ile-de-france bruyeres le chatel.
The well is planned to test a Ca2 target at a depth of 3,800 meters and a potential Rotliegend target at a depth of 4,100 meters.
The well is intended to test reservoir properties and hydrocarbon saturation of Ca2 and Rotliegend rocks.
6% hydrogen sulfide content and lost circulation while coring the Main Dolomite Ca2 target reservoir.
The REP assessment for combining multiple tows indicated extra variation for all tow combinations (by cruise, year, area and the CA2 and two ETCA cruises combined), therefore, standard errors for the estimated parameters were multiplied by the square root of REP (Millar et al.
This field determines the output of circuit one CA1 or circuit two CA2.
The analysis of Figs 4 and 5 shows that for the studied fine mineral admixtures (Ca1, Ca2, Ca3 and Qz), the variation of the relative strength in 7 days grows for the weak rates of substitution and reached a maximum in the vicinity of 10% of the cement substitution, then starts to decrease.