CaF2Calcium Fluoride
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10 Weight share of components, % Melt Sample number number MnO FeO S CaF2 V15656 1 0.
The booth will also highlight the Express Glass Services which provides specialty optical glasses and CaF2 and make it possible to source semi-finished products, prototypes and small runs with extremely short lead times.
Materials include AgBr, AgCl, AMTIR, BaF2, BK-7, CAF2, CdTe, CsI, Fused Silica, GaAs, Ge, KBr, KCl, KRS-5, LiF, MgF2, NaCl, Sapphire, Si, Quartz, ZnS, and ZnSe.
6 mg/cm2) placed in the IR cell (with CaF2 windows) was first subjected to evacuation treatment at 573 K for 3 h, followed by saturated adsorption of pyridine at room temperature (298 K) for 1 h and subsequent removal of physisorbed pyridine under vacuum at 423 K for 2 h, the sample was then allowed to cool to room temperature and the spectra were recorded.
Este fato comprova que, na ausencia de CaF2, a etapa controladora nao e o transporte de massa do enxofre do metal ate a interface com a cal, e sim o transporte de massa do enxofre atraves da camada de CaS solida que se forma em volta das particulas de CaO, que nao sofre alteracao com a agitacao provocada pela decomposicao do CaC[O.
2] by the CaO additive enables certain reduction of partial pressure of evaporation products of CaF2 and increase of those of CaO.
Capable of working with ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2, Mgf2, and other materials besides sapphire and fused silica, the windows are available in sizes from 1/4 to 3 in.
As a result of this high spectral bandwidth performance, these high NA lens designs require fewer calcium fluoride (CaF2) elements -- an important advantage given the current limited availability of CaF2 material and its high cost.
The problem of intrinsic birefringence of CaF2, as reported by NIST in May 2001 (study sponsored by International SEMATECH), has been solved by using a combination of lens elements made from 111 and 100 crystals, resulting in negligible net birefringence effects.