CaFCPCalifornia Fuel Cell Partnership
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Dunwoody rejects any notion that CaFCP is just a PR charade, even though it is not involved in the actual design or engineering of FCVs.
According to CaFCP, ISE designs, develops and assembles fully integrated hybrid electric drive systems and components for large buses, trucks and military applications.
As the CaFCP continues its mission to go beyond demonstrations to achieve commercial deployments, Linde is excited to help make driving and refueling hydrogen cars practical for California residents.
I]t is vitally important that the fuel dispensing nozzles are verified to industry standards," said CaFCP executive director Catherine Dunwoody.
Additionally, CaFCP said it plans to publish resource materials that will help members and California communities implement demonstration programs, including an updated Emergency Response Guide; Fuel Station Implementation Resource; Codes and Standards Resource; and Hydrogen Vehicle Facilities Studies.
During the next four years, CaFCP said it plans to "facilitate the placement of fuel cell passenger cars operating within the state, primarily focused in the greater Los Angeles region and the San Francisco-Sacramento corridor," while fuel cell-powered buses will operate in regular, daily revenue service in "at least three transit districts.
May is 'Clean Air Month' in California, a time to focus on the challenges of finding ways to improve the air we breathe," said 2003 CaFCP chair Alan Lloyd.
The CaFCP -- which started in April 1999 -- includes auto manufacturers (DaimlerChrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen); energy providers (BP, ExxonMobil, Shell Hydrogen, and ChevronTexaco); fuel cell companies (Ballard Power Systems and UTC Fuel Cells); and government agencies (California Air Resources Board, California Energy Commission, South Coast AQMD, US Department of Energy, US Department of Transportation and US EPA).
When we started this demonstration program four years ago, we had eight members involved, including just two automakers and one fuel cell company," said California Air Resources Board (CARB) chair and former CaFCP chair Alan Lloyd.
Ztek will team up with another CaFCP associate partner, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) of San Francisco, to supply a hydrogen reformer system.
Given our achievements this year, we have lived up to our commitment to test fuel cell vehicles and fuel alternatives in real-world conditions," said Don Huberts, 2002 CaFCP Chairman and CEO of Shell Hydrogen.
WHERE: The California Coast 2002 - CaFCP Road Rally begins in Monterey, September 4, continues to San Luis Obispo, September 5 and concludes in Santa Barbara, September 6, 2002.