CaOClCathodal Opening Clonus
CAOCLCenter for Advanced Operational Culture Learning
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So, while cultural "knowledge" or "understanding" improves immediate cultural effectiveness, CAOCL also can provide Marines with knowledge, through training, to plan for cultural issues throughout each step of their mission, instead of merely responding to the latest insurgent action or problem with the local population.
Through its training, CAOCL can help Marines be prepared for likely cultural challenges that can help them avert both immediate and potential long-term crises.
Armed Forces, CAOCL believes that each operational planning team should require that culture be a key aspect of planning for a civil affairs or equivalent cell that crosses the spectrum of war fighting functions.
As the Marine Corps' lead organization for developing, providing, and coordinating operational language training and education for the General Purpose Force (GPF), CAOCL supports learning across the entire training and education continuum.
The focus on practical application in operational settings is the common thread running through all CAOCL language training.
Tools used to facilitate CAOCL language training and education span the DOTMLPF (Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel and Facilities) process, and are a mix of "on-staff" language instruction, specialized distributed learning software, and language learning resource centers.
In response to General McChrystal's requirements, CAOCL has created a new pre-deployment program tailored to the Afghan theater of operations.
These CAOCL Heritage SMEs help a Commander and his staff try to understand the cultural terrain of their battle space.
Importantly, CAOCL training is available to help all ranks of Marines deal with operational culture.