CaSSSCalifornia Separation Science Society
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The positive correlations (and effect sizes) found between the SCPRC-SV and (a) the CASSS People in My School subscale and (b) the CSQ supported the third and final hypothesis.
A working manual on the development of the child and adolescent social support scale CASSS.
All of the students who had provided a completed assent form and a signed parental informed consent form were then given the CASSS and the ARSMA-II as a whole group during their regularly scheduled math classes.
The results of the CASSS show the average parental support recorded by the participants was a score of 4 (most of the time), the average teacher support reported was 4 (most of the time), the average classmate support demonstrated by the participants stood at 4 (most of the time), the average support of close friends was reported as 5 (almost always), and the average support of generalized people within the school was reflected in the protocol as 3 (some of the time).
The post-hoc analysis examined the individual support scales within the CASSS scales (i.
In addition, the Company has signed a deal with CASSS to set up a provincial health-care purchasing network and with Ordiplan to generate new partners through one of Canada's largest software resellers.