CAARCumulative Average Abnormal Return (investing)
CAARCapital Area Association of Realtors (Illinois)
CAARCharlottesville Area Association of Realtors (Charlottesville, VA)
CAARCentre for Accounting and Auditing Research
CAARCombat After Action Report
CAARCataract, Autosomal Recessive, Early-Onset, Pulverulent
CAARCapital Acquisition Authorisation Requests
CAARConsortium of Automotive Aftermarket Retailers (UK)
CAARCommittee Against Academic Repression
CAARClub des Amateurs d'Anciennes Renault (French: Club of Lovers of Old Renault; automobile enthusiast group)
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For example, Tropical Storm Allison (ranked #28) had a CAAR of 8.
We also report precision weighted CAAR (PWCAAR) and test results.
Table 1 Market Model Abnormal Returns Event N Mean PWCAAR Positive- Window CAAR Negative (0, 0) 91 1.
Viewing Panel B the evidence supports the announcement effect (Hypothesis 1) with a CAAR of -14.
CAAR for each firm (i) in each year (t) is calculated as
The CAAR is the summation of abnormal returns over a given period.
We also calculate the CAAR over multi-day event windows.
To test the statistical significance of AAR and CAAR and consequently to test the first hypothesis (H1), Boehmer, Musumeci, and Poulsen's (BMP, 1991) standardized cross-sectional t-test is applied (Farrell & Frame, 1997).
Zulfi Caar Hydari, Chief Executive of EIIB, said, "Rasmala has a strong asset management platform and we are fully committed to expanding this business across the MENA region.
Zulfi Caar Hydari, Chief Executive of EIIB said, "Rasmala has a strong regional franchise, and together with EIIB's international capital markets and asset management experience this will be a powerful partnership to seize current opportunities in the GCC.
Table 1: Cumulative average abnormal returns for debt events Event CAAR Std.