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CACMCentral American Common Market
CACMCommunications of the Association for Computing Machinery
CACMCertified Associate Contracts Manager
CACMCourt Administration and Case Management Committee (Judicial Conference of the United States)
CACMConfused Aladdin Central Members (online gaming)
CACMCanine Agility of Central Minnesota, Inc
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The announcement was made at the CACM Board meeting held prior to the annual CACM CEO Business Forum in Pasadena, California.
Indeed, in 2008 and 2009, twenty-eight summits were held in the different regional organizations, including Mercosur, ACN, CACM, CARICOM, ALBA, Unasur, and the Pacific Alliance.
Table A2 Economic Cooperative Agreements in Latin America Year of inforce Bilateral Agreements Regional Chile-Argentina 1991 Mexico-Argentina 1991 Chile-Mexico 1992/98 Chile-Bolivia 1993 Chile-Venezuela 1993 Chile-Colombia 1994 Mexico-Bolivia 1994/95 Chile-Ecuador 1995 Mexico-Costa Rica 1995 Mexico-Peru 1996 Mexico-Nicaragua 1998 Chile-Peru 1998 Mexico-El Salvador 2001 Mexico-Guatemala 2001 Mexico-Honduras 2001 Mexico-Brazil 2002 Chile-Costa Rica 2002 Chile-El Salvador 2002 Mexico-Uruguay 2003 El Salvador-Panama 2003 Extra Regional Chile-Canada 1997 Mexico-Israel 2000 Costa Rica-Canada 2002 Chile-Korea 2003 Chile-United States 2004 Multi-Countries Agreements Regional CACM (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras) 1961 CARICOM (incl.
chairs CACM, stated that the committee will consider the public comments
In recent years, the Andean Community, Mercosur and the CACM have launched initiatives to foster macroeconomic convergence among their member countries.
Feldman and Rovner in "An ALGOL-based Associative Language", CACM Vol.
Moreover, old arrangements such as the Andean Pact with the Quito protocol in 1987 and CACM with the Guatemala protocol in 1993 have been revisited.
The Experience of the EU, the CACM, and the LAFTA/LAIA
The Southern Cone, Central American, and Caribbean Common Markets--MERCOSUR, CACM, and CARICOM, respectively--are moving to dismantle internal trade barriers and stimulate greater integration.
Now only ten percent of our exports and nine percent of our imports are attributed to the CACM.
To many, the views of the ECLA economists were vindicated when the inceptionof the CACM in 1960 was followed shortly by accelerated economic growth in the region.