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CADWCivil Air Defense Warning
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Mae pecynnau o'r fath yn ddelfrydol ar gyfer pobol sy'n cadw gwenyn.
Create with Cadw is suitable for children aged seven and above.
Ms Clark will be responsible for leading Cadw s work and working with the historic environment sector as a whole to conserve Wales s heritage, help people understand, enjoy and care about their history and sustain the distinctive character of Wales.
I was visiting Caerphilly Castle about five years ago, and bought a Cadw map from the shop, which listed all the sites to visit in Wales.
You can also 'Like' Cadw on Facebook and follow @CadwWales on Twitter using the hashtag #monumentalsummer
Now Coed Cadw has launched a petition that highlights the varying canopy cover in some Welsh towns - it's as low as 4.
Sam Gould, who is Ukip's candidate for Caerphilly in May's general election, illuminated the town's castle when Cadw blocked him from its Twitter feed.
Both Cadw and the Glamorgan-Gwent Archeological Trust have inspected the newly-revealed arch, with experts from the Trust identifying the animal bones as coming from a cat, which may have got trapped during repair work in the 18th century.
uk, find Cadw on Facebook or follow @CadwWales on Twitter.
Ken Skates and Angharad Evans of Coed Cadw, under an ancient tree at Plas Power wood, Wrexham Coed Cadw will be collecting signatures for a petition at shows, events and on-line.
It's jointly organised by Beaumaris Town Council, Welsh historic environment service Cadw and Bangor University's Students' Union Clubs and Societies.
As part of its continuing focus on education, Cadw has introduced a number of free online resources for teachers, which provide essential information and ideas for activities.