CAFRIChildren of Alcoholics Family Role Instrument
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Analyses performed with the 35 items added to the original 15 items EBPAS to further explore and identify additional dimensions of attitudes towards EBPs (Aarons, Cafri, Lugo, & Sawitsky, 2012) suggest that, in the adapted and Spanish translated version administrated to child welfare professionals, five out of the eight dimensions observed in the version administrated to USA mental health providers can be identified.
Para os homens, Cafri e Thompson (2004) sugerem: 1) Avaliacao da preocupacao e/ ou satisfacao com a aparencia muscular; 2) Identificacao de comportamentos associados com a preocupacao com a aparencia muscular (como pratica excessiva de exercicio fisico e uso de esteroides anabolicos); e 3) Em caso de avaliacoes de regioes e/ou partes especificas do corpo, focar na parte superior do tronco (ombro, peitoral e braco).
Sociocultural preassures and Body Image Distrubance: A comment on Cafri, Yamamiya, Brannick, and Thompson.
Cafri and Thompson (2004) discuss the importance of using appropriate measures to assess body image, and the inadequacies of previous tools, which had been developed largely utilizing female research.
Un grupo de investigadores de la Universidad de Florida en Tampa (2005), Birkeland, Thompson, Herbozo, Roehrig, Cafri y Van den Berg, realizaron una investigacion donde examinaron la relacion entre la insatisfaccion con la imagen corporal, el humor y la exposicion a los medios de comunicacion masiva.
Cafri and Thompson (2004) reviewed the available assessment instruments and concluded that the DMS, the Somatomorphic Matrix, and a modified version of the Somatomorphic Matrix were the most effective methods for measuring the psychological and behavioral factors of muscle dysmorphia.
CAST D -- Doreen Abargel, Eden Bennun, Trevor Berger, Emily Boone, Briana Boyarsky, Jacqueline Bray, Meirav Cafri, Lindsay Feder, Matthew Feder, Danielle Glasscock, Chad Heflin, Arianna Hewitt, Douglas Kmiotek, Kristen Lifter, Makena Metz, Marlon Meyerson, Tiffany Schneider, Shannon Seufert, Amy Shipow, Rachel Snyder, Molly Tomer, Aidan Wahl, Alli Wayne
Shearer 7 Grainger 6 Warnock 6 Davenport 8 Clarke 7 Cafri 9 Deloumeaux 5 Gudjonsson 5 Doyle 7 Joachim 7 McSheffery 8
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