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CAINSCarrier Aircraft Inertial Navigation System
CAINSCustomer Agent Information Network System (Mayflower Transit)
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Cain is putting the channel in collaboration with the Tapp Platform.
Union Unite is angry Cains told staff by phone and did not offer back pay or redundancy pay.
It has linked up with Boston-based beer importer Win-It-Too for two export shipments totalling 104,930 bottles of Cains Export Lager, Cains Bitter and Cains Mild.
The new group - formed from Preston-based Honeycombe and the Cains Brewery - will be renamed Cains Beer Company to capitalise on the strength of the Cains brand.
We initiated this transaction and advised Cains Foods in the negotiations," said Tim Tully, managing partner of Ulin & Holland.
Cains announced on Friday it was closing its loss-making supermarket own-label brewing and canning operation and axing 38 jobs.
The Stanhope Street business will now supply its bottled Cains Export Lager to Morrisons' network, joining its Cains Raisin beer, the UK's first ale brewed with raisins, on the shelves.
After two years of negotiation the brewery has been named as an official supplier--its beers will be at all Capital of Culture events over the next four years and every can and bottle produced by Cains will be stamped with the '08 logo.
1917: Brewery merges with Walkers of Warrington to become Walker Cains.
PricewaterhouseCoopers said: "If the customers have a direct supply from Cains, there shouldn't be a problem.
Already endorsed by leading beer writer Roger Protz, who has described it as "a smooth, refreshing beer using the finest malts and hops", Cains Finest Lager has also been backed by the members of the Campaign for Real Ale.
Cains Export Lager was voted the "Greatest Lager in the World" by GQ magazine.