Cal-OSHACalifornia Occupational Safety and Health Act
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Hydrogen sulfide is a common byproduct of the composting process, Cal-OSHA said, and the company should have initiated preventative measures for dealing with the gas.
Like so many newsletters, Cal-OSHA Reporter is the only publication to regularly cover California's Occupational Safety & Health Administration.
Cal-OSHA said in a report that Kennco did not protect Church ``from a cave-in by an adequate protective system designed in accordance with'' state safety and health regulations.
Back in Fremont, Cal-OSHA cited AXT on 41 counts and issued a $313,000 fine.
If the investigation finds violations of those regulations, Gard said, Cal-OSHA could issue fines up to $25,000 per serious violation.
Magic Mountain officials said at the time that La Motte violated park policy by walking across the track, but Cal-OSHA investigators countered that the park had lax standards for ride operators and had failed to discipline employees who did not follow the policy.
Cal-OSHA also will check whether Sanchez had the proper training for the hazards of the job.
23, 1998--Kaiser Permanente, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the Coalition of Unions at Kaiser Permanente announced today they are joining together to ask Governor Wilson to sign AB 1208, which requires that Cal-OSHA adopt regulations to mandate that healthcare employers study and, as appropriate, use needles and other devices which are effective in reducing the incidence of needlestick injuries to healthcare workers.
Cal-OSHA officials were notified of the explosion that day and sent an oil rig expert to the site.
Tosco provided each of the investigating agencies with documents, tours, briefings, and temporary on-site facilities as well as arranged for Cal-OSHA and HSD staff to interview employees.
The bottom line here is that in regards to the boat accident, we could not identify any violations that we could enforce,'' said Dean Fryer, a Cal-OSHA spokesman.