CalEPACalifornia Environmental Protection Agency
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CalEPA noted that the CA H2 Net executive order signed by Schwarzenegger last year launched a process for addressing the state's future needs in the areas of air quality, public health, energy security and national security.
Robert Hoffman of Paul Hastings served as former DTSC Chief Counsel and then as Chief of Staff to former CalEPA Secretary Winston Hickox.
Workers with high-end exposures may be exposed to lead at levels up to 1,170 times higher than the CalEPA criterion for reproductive effects and 19.
The CalEPA OEHHA considered an RL of 1 x 10 (-4) appropriate for use in fish consumption advisories after the Dubai Star and Cosco Busan oil spills and as a counterbalance recognizing the health benefits of fish consumption (Brodberg 2007; Klasing and Brodberg 2010).
Martin previously worked together on several projects including the CalEPA headquarters building in Sacramento that is the first LEED Platinum-certified high-rise in the United States.
We want to thank Governor Brown and his team at CalRecycle and CalEPA, the City of Compton, the SCAQMD, and most importantly the team at FEED for making this renewable energy project a reality.
The NRC and CalEPA also used this study (CalEPA 2004; NRC 2005).
CalEPA has also been working closely with the conference organizers to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the event and to minimize the need for offsetting as much as possible, for example, by encouraging composting and recycling, and sourcing local, organic, recycled, and biodegradable goods which tend to have a lower carbon footprint.
Green Technology has formed a partnership with CalEPA to help forward EEI implementation.
Elin's early career included directing the CA Department of Conservation and serving as Chief Deputy Director of the Department of Pesticide Regulation at CalEPA.
The GMAP, published in January 2007 by the CalEPA and BTH was the culmination of a 2-year effort that included input from hundreds of stakeholders with many different perspectives, yielding analyses and recommendations for improving the movement of goods while reducing environmental impacts in California.