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CALBCandida Antarctica Lipase B (organic chemistry)
CALBCommunauté d'Agglomération du Lac du Bourget (French: Agglomeration Community of Lac du Bourget; Lac du Bourget, France)
CALBCommunication-Aware Load Balancing (computation)
CALBCalcium-Dependent Lipid Binding
CALBComputer-Aided Line Balancing (est. 1969; Illinois Institute of Technology)
CALBCitizens Against Legal Blackmail (California)
CALBClub Athlétique l'Hay les Roses Badminton (French: L'Hay les Roses Badminton Athletic Club; L'Hay les Roses, France)
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Calbindin protein abundance in the intestinal mucosa increased with age (in weeks) in the duodenum and jejunum till three weeks of age (p<0.
Quantitative distribution of parvalbumin, calretinin, and calbindin D-28k immunoreactive neurons in the visual cortex of normal and Alzheimer cases.
Relationship of vitamin D with calbindin D9k and D28k expression in ameloblasts.
The reason for this change can be reduction of the negative net charge on the calcium sensor, as observed for calcium binding by calbindin D9k (Kesvatera et al.
No vacuoles were seen in Purkinje cells of wildtype and calbindin null mice.
Calbindin immunoreactivity in the auricular lobe and interauricular granular band of the cerebellum in bullfrogs.
Calcitriol interacts with receptors in the enterocyte and upregulates the synthesis of calcium-binding protein, calbindin, which facilitates absorption of calcium.
Throughout the cells of the body calcitriol regulates the synthesis of several proteins, most notably a family of proteins known as calbindin D.
Role of facilitated diffusion of calcium by calbindin in intestinal calcium absorption.
Immunohistochemical evaluation of calbindin expression in mouse brain at different times after rabies virus inoculation.
After this stage of fate commitment, the newborn neurons undergo maturation and express the neuronal markers NeuN and calbindin.